Shilpa Shetty defends Aishwarya Rai against weight critics

The actress, who was recently in Delhi to promote skin brand Olay, appeared at ease with her post-pregnancy weight gain.

Shetty, mother to three-and-half-month-old Viaan, was quoted as saying: "Haa! What are you saying? New mama's aspire for a Shilpa Shetty body - even I don't have a Shilpa Shetty body!"

Dressed in a flowing kaftan like kurta and palazzos, the actress said she has her hands full with her baby and wouldn't want it any other way.

She also revealed that the time she gets off is not spent in the gym but catching up on sleep.

When asked if the all the criticism and hype about Aishwarya Rai's post baby weight showed lack of sensitivity towards actresses, Shetty said: "It is disconcerting and unjust. How do you expect a woman to get back into pre-baby shape within three months? Its' not humanly possible."

"Hormonal changes apart your body goes through its own changes and for your baby you need to be healthy," she added.

"Even I ate the panjiris, methi ladoos and halwa.."

She added: "Also, it is not fair for everyone around to keep an eye on actresses who have just delivered a baby. Try and understand, my priority is my baby and not weight loss.”

When asked about plans to get back into shape, Shetty said she had no immediate plans.

"To be honest, I don't think I will ever be able to have the hourglass figure that I had before Viaan,” she said. "I am not looking at weight loss at all right now, because medically I am not allowed to do that, but yes I am definitely doing a few things for inch loss.

"Viaan leaves me with only four hours in a day to sleep. I don't have time right now to think about anything but him. He is too small and needs me for most of the day."

While Shetty gushed over the joys of motherhood saying she has her hands full with her baby and wouldn't want it any other way, the 37-year-old star did also share that she isn't an advocate of late motherhood

The first-time mother, who co-owns IPL Rajasthan Royals team with her husband Raj Kundra, told Times of India: "I never chose to be a mother at 37. I always wanted to be a mother at the right age, but I didn't find Raj at the right time.

"There is a time for everything, and so also for motherhood. And medically too, women should have babies at the right time. I just didn't have a choice else I would have been a mother long time back."
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